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Advanced search for DX spots

The advanced DX Spot search is complicated but powerful. Each of the statements below is linked by 'AND' and you must tick the checkbox to activate it. For example, if you wanted to search for all of the DX spots in the database for most wanted groups spotted on 20m by stations in France, you would tick 'the spotted station's IOTA group reference is in the most wanted list', then tick next to 'the spotter's callign' and then choose 'prefix is' and enter 'F', then finally tick next to 'the frequency band is' and select '20m'.

The database currently contains 3,152,212 spots spotted since 1st January 1997. Only spots where there appears to be an IOTA reference number in the comments, or where the callsign prefix is always on one (and only one) IOTA group, are included.

Show DX Spots where:

  • the spotted station's callsign
  • the spotted station's IOTA group reference (Format: EU-001)
  • the spotted station's IOTA group reference is in the most wanted list
  • the spotter's callsign
  • the spot date is between and
  • the frequency band is:
  • the comment contains

Only show one spot per callsign per IOTA reference per day.
Show a maximum of entries, sorted by

Random spot database statistic

The most active spotter of IOTA spots is W3LPL who has spotted a total of 73640 spots, or 2.34% of all spots in the database.