Islands on the Air - IOTA Directory - Search for Group by Location

Search for IOTA groups near a position

You can use this page to search for IOTA groups which are near a given point on the globe, either by decimal latitude/longitude or by Maidenhead locator.

Important Note: The search relates to the centre point between the boundaries specified in the IOTA directory, but that central point may well be in the sea or on land which does not count for that group, or does not count for IOTA at all. Consequently, this page is only intended to be for guidance, and you must check the full group information by following the linked reference numbers in the table, and local maps before you go on a DXpedition or submit a QSL card from this place.

(Examples: 52.5 = 52°30' North; -45 = 45° South)
(Examples: 30.75 = 30°45' East; -90 = 90° West
or (If this is entered, the lat and long above will be ignored.)


Ref. No.Distance (kms.)Distance (miles)BearingGroup Name
EU-12000English Coastal Islands
EU-00500Great Britain
EU-124159.1798.9287.9°Welsh Coastal Islands
EU-106189.54117.77299.1°St Tudwal's Islands
EU-081268.68166.95172.8°Basse-Normandie (Manche East) Region group
EU-114270.8168.27187°Guernsey group
EU-116302.13187.73326.8°Isle of Man
EU-156308.99192176.2°Basse-Normandie (Manche West) Region group
EU-103315.18195.84274.1°Saltee Islands
EU-099335.73208.61181.7°Les Minquiers Islands
EU-039346.46215.28177.5°Chausey Islands
EU-074354.98220.57189.9°Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor Centre) Region group
EU-157369.48229.58180.4°Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor East / Ille et Vilaine) Region group
EU-107369.86229.82196.2°Bretagne (Cotes-d'Armor West) Region group
EU-011376.71234.08234.5°Isles of Scilly
EU-109404.71251.483.4°Farne Islands
EU-122405.72252.1318.7°Northern Irish Coastal Islands
EU-146406.94252.8690°Zuid Holland / Zeeland Province group
EU-105407.27253.07203.8°Bretagne (Finistere North) Region group
EU-115435.82270.81293.5°Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)
EU-121453.75281.95292.8°Irish Coastal Islands
EU-065454.55282.44206.3°Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region group
EU-068488.04303.25203.8°Bretagne (Finistere South West) Region group
EU-094489.85304.38197.4°Bretagne (Finistere South) Region group