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    • Procedure for Delaying QSO Matching
    • As part of the arrangements for the newly introduced IOTA electronic QSLing, activators are being given full control over whether or not their logs are listed as available for QSO matching. They have the opportunity at the time of uploading their activation log to Club Log to agree to immediate QSO matching or to delay it for a period of time of their choosing. Delaying QSO matching can be done in two ways:

      (1) If you have registered on the IOTA website at, log in, go to ‘More…’ and choose ‘Delay QSO Matching’ and fill in the information requested, or

      (2) If you have not registered on the IOTA website, send an email to and our team will take care of it on your behalf, after first making necessary authenticity checks.

      If activators already have logs uploaded to Club Log and do not wish to allow immediate QSO matching, they should take the above action promptly.
    • IOTA Team, 2 Jul 2016
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