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    • September Update on the Friends of IOTA Appeal
    • The FOI appeal has now raised GBP £13,232.49, a sum which covers more than half of our initial target of GBP £25,000 for the paperless QSLing project – see IOTA News 20 June 2016 and subsequent monthly updates. Additionally we have transferred into Friends of IOTA, with the agreement of the trustees, a sum of GBP £2,661.43 previously in the W4BAA Trust Fund – this was set up by bequest for the betterment of the IOTA Programme. The sum total of GBP 15,893.92 is available both for IT and also, where restricted, promotional expenditure. We now have 116 contributors in 31 countries and we are immensely grateful to them for their generosity and support at this time of need.

      We are still significantly short of our target on the IT paperless QSLing project which, if we read the demands right, was desperately wanted by the IOTA Community. Now financially committed, we are surprised that in some countries that are very well represented in IOTA we have had no or negligible success in getting our appeal across. If you have spent many happy years in IOTA, please consider giving something back. This is the first funding appeal that IOTA has ever made in its 52 year existence. Already benefits from the appeal can be seen. Enhancements to the existing IT in July have seen two thirds of new applicants using the Club Log paperless QSLing option for all or most credits claimed and well over half of all submissions are using it to some degree. Already some 12.5% of credits issued are paperless. This has saved applicants at least GBP £20,000 in the first 10 weeks. This will grow rapidly as we expand the list of activations in the paperless QSLing pool and bring online the complete IOTA rewrite next Spring.

      We invite IOTA enthusiasts wherever located to join our Happy Band of Friends of IOTA. You can make a payment through PayPal to but make sure to add in the comments field "Friends of IOTA" and your callsign to identify you.

      The full appeal details here include an updated list of those who have reached the various levels of support.

      Roger, G3KMA
    • G3KMA, 21 Sep 2016
    • IOTA OC Checkpoint Appointment
    • IOTA Management is pleased to announce the appointment with effect from 13 September, 2016 of Craig Edwards, VK5CE to cover the area of Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Pacific islands not elsewhere specified. Craig’s email address is His mailing address is OK in, at the bottom of the page. We welcome Craig to the team and look forward to an increase in IOTA awareness in his area. IOTA participants in the respective countries, please note your new checkpoint.
    • G3KMA, 13 Sep 2016
    • Update on the Friends of IOTA Appeal
    • The appeal launched to help fund the introduction into IOTA of paperless QSLing (IOTA News 20 June 2016 and update 11 July 2016) has so far brought in GBP £11,266. This amounts to approximately 45% of our initial target of GBP £25,000. We are hugely grateful to the 86 contributors in 22 countries who so far have contributed.

      The fact remains that until we reach our target we will need to call on a commercial loan. We believe that the IOTA Community is more than ready to help us to make this unnecessary and build a position financially where we can promote IOTA in ways that we have not previously been able to fund. We are still a long way short, so we invite IOTA enthusiasts to join our Happy Band of Friends of IOTA. You can make a payment through PayPal either to "Islands on the Air (IOTA)" or to the email address but make sure to add in the comments field "Friends of IOTA" and your callsign to identify you.

      The full appeal details here include an updated list of those who have reached the various levels of support.
    • G3KMA, 19 Aug 2016
    • Update on the Friends of IOTA Appeal
    • The appeal (IOTA News 20 June 2016) has progressed well, reaching GBP £7,000, an amount that takes us a quarter of the way towards our initial target of GBP £25,000. In the process we have enrolled some 41 Friends of IOTA at the various levels of support. Once we reach our target we will not need to call on a promised commercial loan to fund IOTA’s new IT system and anything above that figure will go towards promotion of IOTA in ways that we have not previously been able to fund.

      Those close to IOTA will have noticed that we have in the last 10 days introduced on our existing IT system the first stage of acceptance of electronic confirmation of contacts by QSO matching of logs, something that the IOTA community has been requesting for some time. A fuller note on this appears in a concurrent News Item. It is a start.

      We are still a long way short of our financial target, so we invite IOTA enthusiasts who wish to join our Happy Band of Friends of IOTA to check the entry details here. A list of those who have reached the various levels of support has been included in the note. Become a Friend of IOTA and help us take IOTA forward. If you are already one, consider progressing to a higher support level by increasing your donation!
    • G3KMA, 11 Jul 2016
    • Introduction of Paperless QSLing
    • One of the first actions of Islands on the Air (IOTA) Ltd., the new managers of the programme, has been to expand the application routes on IOTA’s existing software system to include Club Log QSO Matches. This is intended as the first step to the introduction of a much broader system of Paperless QSLing that is scheduled to be launched in the late Spring of 2017. Only a relatively small number of IOTA operations have been added at this time, mainly ones from islands which satisfy the criterion of one DXCC entity equals just one IOTA. This action was intended to provide a test run on how Club Log QSO matching would work in due course on the new IT system. Even so, modest as this approach is, more than 10,000 QSO matches were obtained in the first week, and the first IOTA 100 Island applications have been received using this option exclusively. As with all new IT enhancements there were a number of bugs and queries raised which have now been resolved. Finally, to make use of this additional feature, sign in to the IOTA website and go to and click on Club Log QSO Matches. Bear in mind, this is not the full-blown system envisaged for introduction next year. We will expand the list of accepted operations over the coming weeks and months but, much as we would like to do more, it will be mainly in the area of recent operations from the rarer IOTA groups and, of course, ones that have uploaded logs to Club Log and indicated that they do not wish to delay or block IOTA QSO matching.
    • G3KMA, 10 Jul 2016
    • Procedure for Delaying QSO Matching
    • As part of the arrangements for the newly introduced IOTA electronic QSLing, activators are being given full control over whether or not their logs are listed as available for QSO matching. They have the opportunity at the time of uploading their activation log to Club Log to agree to immediate QSO matching or to delay it for a period of time of their choosing. Delaying QSO matching can be done in two ways:

      (1) If you have registered on the IOTA website at, log in, go to ‘More…’ and choose ‘Delay QSO Matching’ and fill in the information requested, or

      (2) If you have not registered on the IOTA website, send an email to and our team will take care of it on your behalf, after first making necessary authenticity checks.

      If activators already have logs uploaded to Club Log and do not wish to allow immediate QSO matching, they should take the above action promptly.
    • IOTA Team, 2 Jul 2016
    • IOTA QSO Matching
    • We have started offering IOTA credits by Club Log QSO Matching. Go to > My Credits, click on "Club Log QSO Matches", scroll down and click on "Show Accepted Activations" to see the list of operations for which QSO Matching is available.

      Please note that at this time this is mainly provided for island operations from locations for which one DXCC corresponds to one IOTA group only. A few operations carried out since 1 January 2016 have already been included, and we are working now to extend this to other operations which took place this year. Check the above link periodically for an update on operations available for QSO Matching.

      If you have questions, please send them to, the only address for them. We would appreciate it if you can refrain from sending enquiries which fall outside the scope of what is on offer on the website. We will extend the coverage as and when we can.
    • IOTA Team, 30 Jun 2016
    • An Appeal to Join Friends of IOTA
    • We referred earlier (News Item of 20 April 2016) to the commitment of the new company, Islands on the Air (IOTA) Ltd, to the paperless QSLing project that will allow electronic confirmation of contacts. Much progress has been made and some elements of this work are scheduled to be launched very soon on the existing system on the IOTA website. The new system itself will come on stream in early 2017. While paperless QSLing offers the IOTA Community huge savings in costs, the software development involved requires substantial investment, the more so as it has to be grafted on to a system that will continue to accept paper cards. To help meet these costs, the new company has launched Friends of IOTA as a supporters’ group within Islands on the Air (IOTA) Ltd. Its aim is to give IOTA enthusiasts the opportunity not only to participate in one of the most active DX programmes in the world but also to support it with donations to ensure its long-term future. Details of an appeal for funds are given here. Please consider helping us to help you by becoming a Friend of IOTA.
    • G3KMA, 20 Jun 2016
    • Deletion of Kingman Reef OC-096
    • As forecast as a strong likelihood in the 2016 IOTA Directory (page 50), IOTA Management has decided to delete Kingman Reef OC-096 from the IOTA list, effective 29 March 2016. Kingman Reef lost its current DXCC status on that date as it no longer satisfied the criteria under which it was added. IOTA Rule E.5.5 states that an island that qualifies for separate listing only because it is a DXCC entity will have a start and / or deletion date for credit in line with DXCC decisions and that in the event of an island DXCC entity being deleted, the IOTA group number will normally be archived and score credits moved on request to the IOTA group to which the island or islands are transferred. Kingman Reef is just such an island, and the transfer in this case is to Palmyra Atoll, OC-085. Before the end of June, credits for OC-096 will be deleted from all records. In accordance with the rule participants may claim credit with Kingman Reef QSOs for OC-085 if they need credit there – there are no date restrictions. To save questions, IOTA does not maintain a database of credits with deleted / archived IOTAs.
    • G3KMA, 13 Jun 2016
    • Rule Changes
    • The new Directory introduces some fairly significant rule changes, made in the interests of simplification, which will take effect from 1 June 2016. a). The discontinuation of the issue of paper certificates. Given ever-increasing postal charges and technological advances IOTA Management has decided that now in the 21st century all certificates should be sent electronically. Exceptionally, if this causes real problems, you can ask for certificates to be sent by post but this will attract an extra charge (Rule C.5.12 and Annex B). b). The discontinuation of giving credit for VHF / UHF contacts in the Standard Category of Application. Previously this was allowed but it made for awkward complications in the crediting of contacts in the two categories of application affected (Standard and VHF / UHF), and since the incidence of credits gained this way was so small, it was felt that this change would have very little effect on applicants (Rule C.3.5). c). Charges have been increased and the charging regime has been simplified in the interests of clarification. The basic starter 100 Islands certificate will in future be charged separately from the registration charge (Annex B). d). The threshold figure defining a “rare" IOTA group has been raised to cover those groups which 20% or fewer participants (previously 15%) have credited to their scores. Recent activity from a number of rare IOTAs has reduced the number of groups in this category (Rule F.3.1). When the system of Paperless QSLing is fully launched, there will be further changes to the procedures.
    • G3KMA, 22 Apr 2016
    • New IOTA Directory
    • The Spring 2016 IOTA Directory is now available from the RSGB Shop at It contains the complete, official listing of IOTA islands as well as everything you need to participate in IOTA. Included in the colour section are fascinating reports of several rare and costly IOTA operations from Coetivy Island, an outlier of the Seychelles used as a prison camp, Melville Island in the Canadian Arctic where scientists were the only companions, through to the remote uninhabited Antipodes Island, seldom visited by humans, in the far Sub-Antarctic islands of New Zealand.
    • G3KMA, 21 Apr 2016
    • Introducing Islands on the Air (IOTA) Ltd
    • Following agreement with the RSGB, management of the IOTA Programme has now moved to Islands on the Air (IOTA) Ltd, a new not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee in UK law. This body now has full responsibility for all aspects of the programme, its day to day management, strategy, policy, finance, development, promotion and marketing. The company has been registered in the names of Roger Balister, G3KMA and Stan Lee, G4XXI who are its current directors but a full Board of Directors will be formed shortly. The new IOTA Directory, published by the RSGB this month, refers to the newly set-up company under a different name but this has now been changed in the way always intended. It will take a little time to carry through all aspects of the changed governance but IOTA enthusiasts should be assured that the new company is fully committed to completing the paperless QSLing project that will allow electronic confirmation of contacts. No significant change of policy is otherwise envisaged. More information shortly.
    • G3KMA, 20 Apr 2016
    • 2016 IOTA Honour Roll - Annual Listings
    • The 2016 Honour Roll and Annual Listings have been posted on this website at . 186 record-holders have scores of 1000 or more IOTA groups and 519 of at least 750 groups which is the number required for the IOTA Plaque. Amateurs from 100 countries now have the starter 100 Islands certificate. Congratulations to all who have joined the IOTA family or updated in the last year.
    • G3KMA, 19 Apr 2016
    • Season's Greetings
    • At this festive time IOTA Management would like to thank all who have supported the IOTA Programme in 2015, whether as resident islanders, DXpeditioners or chasers, and wishes them and their families the very best of Season’s Greetings and a Happy and Healthy New Year 2016.
    • G3KMA, 19 Dec 2015
    • 2016 IOTA Honour Roll - Annual Listings
    • IOTA enthusiasts are reminded that the last date for mailing applications or updates to checkpoints for inclusion in the 2016 Honour Roll and other performance tables is 31 January 2016. If postmarked after that date, they will be processed in the normal way but the scores will be held over to the following year's listing. It is important that participants who have not updated since the 2011 annual listings and wish to remain listed should make a submission on or before 31 January 2016.
    • G3KMA, 19 Dec 2015
    • 2015 IOTA Contest Data Uploaded
    • Record-holders who have made IOTA contacts in an IOTA contest after 2003, can claim credit for them without submitting QSLs, provided that the contact details match, either by manually entering the QSO information on the input form or by uploading a Cabrillo format log. The 2015 IOTA Contest data has now been uploaded to the IOTA database and is available for QSO matching. This is significantly earlier than in previous years and we should thank all on the IT side involved.
    • G3KMA, 9 Nov 2015
    • The Future of IOTA - A Welcoming Response
    • I am delighted with the news announced by the RSGB about the future of IOTA – that, following the initial statement of intent last year, terms of agreement have been fleshed out for the programme to be run by a new body in partnership with the RSGB. This new body will take the form, we hope, of a Foundation Charitable Incorporated Organisation, with the name Islands on the Air Foundation (IOTAF). It will be a separate legal body. I have to thank the RSGB Board for acknowledging that the future sustainability of IOTA is of paramount importance to thousands of amateurs worldwide and that this must be the overriding consideration. Why the change? IOTA has risen from a niche programme to one that is mainstream and second only to DXCC as the international driver of activity on our bands. Increasingly, serious IOTA-watchers saw that the programme needed to be allowed to spread its wings, particularly to have control of its finances and to draw on the pool of overseas helpers in its management. The decision now to embark on the paperless QSLing project, a significant project with many challenges, provided the necessary stimulus for bringing in the change and for making it in a timely way. On Sunday morning at the RSGB Convention, Johan, PA3EXX, our IOTA IT Project Leader, gave a progress report on the project. He explained that the initial technical design papers have been written and that implementation work will start shortly. We envisage a launch in Spring 2017 after the annual update exercise although we will try to make it sooner. Looking back I should like to thank all who through many years helped IOTA to grow, and the RSGB Board for trusting us with this significant change. From the Foundation’s side, we look forward to a harmonious and successful partnership with the Society in taking the programme forward.
    • G3KMA, 12 Oct 2015
    • The Future of IOTA
    • The following was published on the RSGB website on 10 October 2015: "The RSGB Islands on the Air (IOTA) programme celebrated its 50th anniversary as a premier DX programme in July 2014. The last fifty years have seen the programme grow to 2,500 active island chasers and approximately 15,000 more casual participants. It is perhaps second in scale and scope to the DXCC award; indeed, many would argue it is even more challenging than that programme. Last year the Board identified a number of challenges that the programme faced, not least of which was the need to provide an IT system that would allow online island credit submission akin to Logbook of the World (LoTW). Since that time, a small group of IOTA enthusiasts has been working with the Society to ensure that the IOTA programme continues to grow and play the prominent role that it has done in Amateur Radio DXing and contest activity for the last fifty years. That work has now come to fruition and we are pleased to announce that a new organisation will be formed, to be called the IOTA Foundation. It will be run by IOTA enthusiasts and will manage the IOTA programme in partnership with the Society. One major task for the new organisation will be to develop a new online credit system that is due to be completed in 2017. Roger Balister, G3KMA, Bob Barden, MD0CCE, Cezar Trifu, VE3LYC and Johan Willemsen, PA3EXX, are the team who will implement the IT changes and form the IOTA Foundation, with representation from radio amateurs at home and abroad." See following news item.
    • G3KMA, 12 Oct 2015
    • RSGB IOTA Website Breach
    • At 04:48 UTC on Sunday morning 27 September, an automatic bot gained access to the IOTA website database and was able to exploit a bug in the IOTA code in order to reset the password for every user on the site. This is why you might not have been able to log into the site. There is no sign in the system logs that any data was read or that personal data was compromised. Once the IT team was aware of the issue, they immediately took the database offline for analysis and corrected the bug. User passwords are stored in a hashed format in the database, not in plain text. In accordance with best practice, however, we'd like to encourage all users of the IOTA website to change their passwords. Additionally, if you have used your IOTA password on other websites, you should change the passwords on those other sites also. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact
    • G3KMA, 28 Sep 2015
    • RSGB IOTA Contest 2015
    • This year’s IOTA Contest takes place from 12:00 UTC Saturday 25th July to 12:00 UTC Sunday 26th July 2015. This is the opportunity to work many new IOTA groups – several hundred are normally active. A full list of scheduled operations is given on NG3K's web page at . Contest rules are at . If you are thinking of activating an IOTA, why not take some 6m equipment with you? Either side of the contest you may be surprised at what you can work, particularly if Sp-E propagation is favourable. Increasing numbers of chasers are looking for IOTA contacts on 6m for the VHF award.
    • G3KMA, 15 Jul 2015
    • Two New Checkpoints Appointed
    • RSGB IOTA Management is pleased to announce the appointment with effect from 9 May 2015 of two new checkpoints to cover the central East European countries previously covered by Alex HA7UW (SK). George Szabadkay, HA5WA has agreed to take on checkpoint duties for Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia. His email is Augustyn Wawrzynek, SP6BOW has agreed to accept a similar task for Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. His email is Their mailing addresses are OK in We welcome George and Augustyn to the team and look forward to an increase in IOTA awareness in their areas. IOTA Participants in these countries, please note your new checkpoint.
    • G3KMA, 9 May 2015
    • A Plea to IOTA DXpeditioners
    • At a time when we have just published the IOTA Honour Roll and Annual Listings it is appropriate to remind IOTA DXpeditioners that the Programme owes a lot to SWLs – Geoff Watts was after all an SWL – and that replying to SWL cards should be treated as a standard requirement after an operation. To progress in IOTA SWLs need your cards as well; please do not forget to reply to them.
    • G3KMA, 3 Apr 2015
    • 2015 IOTA Honour Roll - Annual Listings
    • The 2015 Honour Roll and Annual Listings have been posted on this website at and also on the IOTA Manager's website at It is noticeable how scores are now beginning to bunch, closing in on the top position at 1110 groups. 168 record-holders have scores over 1000 and 484 over 750 which is the number required for the IOTA Plaque. Congratulations to all who have joined the IOTA family or updated in the last year.
    • G3KMA, 25 Mar 2015
    • IOTA Dinner at the Int'l DX Convention Visalia
    • Official registration for the 20th Anniversary IOTA Dinner at Visalia has started. Those of you wishing to attend need to fill out a short registration form and then make payment either by PayPal or via snail mail. PayPal is preferred. The deadline for registration and payment is 31 March 2015. The website URL is:
    • G3KMA, 19 Mar 2015
    • IOTA Auction at Ham Radio Friedrichshafen
    • The Publishers of DX-World will again take a stand at Friedrichshafen in June. This year, continuing their pursuit of financial support for IOTA DXpeditions they are planning to auction some items received from team members of various island DXpeditions over the last few months. A number of attractive items have already been promised, including signed flags from some of the rarest islands recently activated and various items of memorabilia contributed by IOTA Management. The plan is still at an early stage and the team looks to readers to help them with ideas (or even products you may wish to donate) to generate that extra revenue for future IOTA DXpeditions. Please get in touch with the DX-World Team if you have something unique, quirky or funny you would be willing to donate for auction for this very worthwhile cause. Full details are at
    • G3KMA, 19 Mar 2015
    • Let's Celebrate an Anniversary Today
    • Yes, a 30th anniversary. On 15 March 1985 Gill and I travelled to Norwich to take delivery from Geoff Watts, BRS-3129 of the IOTA records following his decision to pass responsibility for the programme to the Radio Society of Great Britain. Geoff launched the programme in November 1964 and the Society celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. In those 30 years IOTA has developed into one of the most popular activity programmes on the air and developments planned will further increase its appeal. Thanks are due to the many island Activators, DXpeditioners, Chasers, Checkpoints, Sponsors including the Island Radio Expedition Foundation (IREF) and the Management Team and also the DX information publishers and clubs who have given it their continuing support. Roll on the next 30 years!
    • G3KMA, 15 Mar 2015
    • HA7UW SK
    • It is with great sadness that I report the unexpected death on 20 February 2015 of Sandor "Alex" Gyorfi, HA7UW. Alex had been a conscientious IOTA checkpoint since October 2005 and during these ten years had shown himself to be a great supporter and friend of IOTA. He served the HA amateurs over a very long period as the chief of the QSL bureau, setting a gold standard that was impossible to exceed. Since retiring because of health problems, his family and amateur radio were his life. He was a real enthusiast. I am told that IOTA was his favourite of all – he liked award chasing not only for the QSOs but all the arrangements around it. Checking news, exchanging information, researching historical or geographical info and spreading it was a prime activity. It created a social circle around him that helped him to get through the difficult periods of increasing poor health. The IOTA Community expresses heart-felt thanks to our friend Alex. You will be missed, R.I.P. (Written with the help of Zoli HA1AG and Steve HA0DU)
    • G3KMA, 25 Feb 2015
    • Season’s Greetings
    • At this festive time the IOTA Committee would like to thank all who have supported the IOTA Programme in 2014, whether as resident islanders, DXpeditioners, chasers, or as a part of programme management and wishes them and their families the very best of Season’s Greetings and a Happy and Healthy New Year 2015.
    • G3KMA, 23 Dec 2014
    • 2015 IOTA Honour Roll - Annual Listings
    • IOTA enthusiasts are reminded that the last date for mailing applications or updates to checkpoints for inclusion in the 2015 Honour Roll and other performance tables is 31 January 2015. If postmarked after that date, they will be processed in the normal way but the scores will be held over to the following year's listing. It is important that participants who have not updated since the 2010 annual listings and wish to remain listed should make a submission on or before 31 January 2015.
    • G3KMA, 23 Dec 2014
    • 2014 IOTA Contest Data Uploaded
    • Record-holders who have made IOTA contacts in an IOTA contest after 2003, can claim credit for them without submitting QSLs, provided that the contact details match, either by manually entering the QSO information on the input form or by uploading a Cabrillo format log. The 2014 IOTA Contest data has now been uploaded to the IOTA database and is available for QSO matching.
    • G3KMA, 23 Dec 2014
    • Withdrawal of Dino Island from EU-144
    • The IOTA Committee have been made aware that Dino Island no longer meets the requirements laid down for qualification for IOTA and have decided that it should be withdrawn from EU-144 with effect from 1 January 2015. The distance separating the island from the mainland has reduced as the beach area gradually encroached into the channel and is now significantly less than the required 200 metres. Credit will continue to be given for contacts with Dino made before 1 January 2015. The Committee has agreed to regard the following additional islets as counting for EU-144: Isca Maggiore, Isca Minore, Furmiculi Rocks, Godano and Mantineo - see the Italian Islands Award (IIA) list at for the exact locations.
    • G3KMA, 30 Nov 2014
    • IOTA IT Progress Report
    • With reference to the website notice of 27 September 2014 (see, the IT Team to take IOTA project development forward has now been appointed. It consists of Johan PA3EXX (Team Leader), Jim G3VDB, Vincent F4BKV, Bob MD0CCE on the technical side with Cezar VE3LYC and Roger G3KMA representing the users. As mentioned, the main focus will be on the development of online island credit submission (Paperless QSLing) as a new feature of the programme. The team have already started work with the aim of submitting the initial Project Proposal by the Spring.
    • G3KMA, 22 Nov 2014
    • QSLing via Kadek Kariana SP, YB9BU
    • IOTA Management has received a number of complaints that QSL card requests sent to Kadek, YB9BU in accordance with his QSLing instructions on have not received a reply and similarly that email enquiries are not being answered. Emails from the IOTA Manager and mutual friends have also gone unanswered. In the circumstances it can only be assumed that there is an interruption in the QSL manager service for all the many operations for which YB9BU acts as QSL manager and people would be well advised not to send further cards. We would also advise YB island operators for whom YB9BU acts or normally acts as manager to make other arrangements to ensure satisfactory QSLing. Acceptance by IOTA Management of further IOTA operations by YB9BU must be regarded as on hold until and unless the matter is resolved.
    • G3KMA, 11 Nov 2014
    • IOTA and Crimea
    • IOTA Management has decided that, given the unresolved political situation in Crimea, it has no course open to it except, for a period initially of one year, to freeze certain actions connected with Crimea that it would normally take in the routine management of the IOTA programme. This means that it will not accept or issue credit for EU-180 operations taking place after 17 March 2014 that use a non-Ukrainian callsign, or accede to any requests from programme participants for update of their records or changes of callsign and/or checkpoint that involve a change of DXCC entity. The Committee will review the situation after one year in the light of developments. IOTA Management regrets taking this action but it accords with practice adopted elsewhere.
    • G3KMA, 21 Oct 2014
    • New IOTA Group Numbers Confirmed
    • Following the receipt of validation material several new IOTA group numbers have been confirmed with the result that credits can be given for the operations in brackets: AS-200 (several JA5 stations), AS-201 (TA0/DF8DX), EU-191 (YP0F), NA-247 (PJ7PK) and OC-294 (VK6ISL) . Most made well over the required 1,000 QSOs for a first-time operation. The pile-ups had to be heard to be believed.
    • G3KMA, 20 Oct 2014
    • Withdrawal of AN-014 Berkner Island
    • Berkner Island, the sole qualifying island of AN-014, has been on the IOTA list since the very start of the IOTA Programme. It was regularly shown on maps as a large island, albeit covered with a layer of very thick ice, separating the Ronne Ice Shelf from the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf. Some contacts were made by LU1ZX from the old General Belgrano III Base on the island more than 30 years ago – no more than a handful are credited on the IOTA database. The remote possibility of a second operation that might be mounted at huge expense has caused IOTA Management to review the retention of Berkner Island on the list. In recent years there have been authentic reports from the scientific community that Berkner Island is an ice-rise and that no part of the land-mass under it would be above water if there were no ice. This seems to have gathered credence with map-makers as the considered view of the scientific community. Faced with information that confirms that the ice-rise does not meet IOTA’s qualification rules as a valid island IOTA Management have taken the decision to withdraw AN-014 from the IOTA list with immediate effect before any further operation takes place. The few existing credits will be withdrawn no later than 1 January 2015.
    • G3KMA, 20 Oct 2014
    • RSGB Press Release on IOTA
    • The RSGB has announced that it is inviting the current IOTA Management team to establish a group, consisting of national and international participants from within the IOTA Community who have the motivation, skills and enthusiasm, to take the programme forward. The main focus will be on the development of online island credit submission (Paperless QSLing) as a new feature of the programme. The plan is then for this group to run IOTA in partnership with the RSGB. In the meantime no immediate policy, management or personnel changes are planned. The text of the announcement is on the RSGB website at
    • G3KMA, 27 Sep 2014
    • 11 New IOTA Groups Announced
    • ELEVEN NEW IOTA GROUPS were announced at IOTA’s 50th Anniversary Convention, held in Windsor, England over the weekend 4 to 6 July 2014. Some result directly from the rule changes announced in the latest IOTA Directory published in May 2014. Others were put forward by IOTA participants. A list can be seen at All new groups have provisional numbers. This means that they will need to be confirmed by an operation taking place after 5 July 2014 that meets the 1000 QSO and other normal validation requirements. Only after confirmation of the number will credit for past operations be considered. These changes will be uploaded to the web-site when cards are in circulation, time permitting.
    • G3KMA, 11 Jul 2014
    • Calling Ham-Radio Friedrichshafen
    • Unexpectedly we have a free 30 minute slot in the IOTA Forum lecture programme on the morning of the event Saturday. If you have an interesting illustrated IOTA DXpedition story to give us, please let me know on
    • G3KMA, 21 May 2014
    • IOTA and Remote Operation
    • Participants in the IOTA Programme who at times use a remote receiving or transmitting station should be aware of the amended rule in the new IOTA Directory relating to contacts that may be credited. In short, the remote site should be land-based, contained within a 500 metre (547 yard) radius circle, not located more than 100 kilometres (62 statute miles) from the operator’s location and should be nominated as being in use on the applicant’s personal profile on the IOTA database. The applicant and the remote site must both be located within the same DXCC entity. Use of more than one remote site or a network using multiple sites is not permitted for credit. Additional Note: In 2011 IOTA Management introduced a slightly different version of this rule. It has now amended it in two important respects. It has removed the restriction on the control system that required a radio link since most equipment now available on the market relies on an Internet link. It has also expanded the distance allowed from the operator’s location to the remote station from 50 kilometres to 100 kilometres. For the full text and accompanying reasoning, see IOTA Rules 2014 on
    • G3KMA, 18 May 2014
    • IOTA Rule Changes
    • The new IOTA Directory, published this month, makes a number of changes to the Rules, to take effect immediately. These were mainly provisions that were out of date and no longer reflected IOTA as it is today. A note of the main changes can be seen at IOTA Rule Changes 2014 on
    • G3KMA, 18 May 2014
    • Calling Attendees at the IOTA Convention 2014
    • Following the note of 4 April (10 New IOTAs to be announced at IOTA Convention) we have now posted details of the small rule changes affecting this exercise at Those attending the Convention and interested in submitting candidate groups should read the guidance given in IOTA Rule Changes 2014 (Convention Attendees). The date for submissions is 20 June 2014. If you have already submitted a case in the last year, there is no need to resubmit it, just let us know that you want it reconsidered.
    • G3KMA, 17 May 2014
    • IOTA Honour Roll & Annual Listings 2014
    • The 2014 Honour Roll and Annual Listings are now posted on the website (
    • G3KMA, 27 Apr 2014
    • IOTA Marathon Results
    • The results of the IOTA Marathon are now posted on the website ( Our thanks are due to the Marathon Adjudication Board consisting of Cezar Trifu VE3LYC, Bob Cox K3EST and Dan Sullivan W4DKS for the many hours' work adjudicating the entries. A list of prize winners will be published shortly. Complete tables with detailed analysis will be available in the IOTA Directory 2014 to be published within the next two weeks. Our congratulations to all who participated.
    • G3KMA, 27 Apr 2014
    • 10 New IOTA's to be announced at IOTA Conventi
    • The key event at IOTA’s 50th Anniversary Convention, to be held from 4 to 6 July, will be the announcement of 10 new IOTA groups, the first new tranche to be added since year 2000. Two of these 10 will be left for final decision at the Convention on the basis of evidence-supported representations made in person by delegates. All additions to the list will conform with IOTA rules amended in a minor way in the new IOTA Directory to be published in early May. It is envisaged that much of the discussion between DXpeditioners attending the Convention will be on their plans to activate these new groups and achieve that NEW ONE badge. Join this exciting occasion by enrolling for the Convention on where the special discount price for attendance has been extended to 30 April. Decisions taken will be notified on the RSGB IOTA website after the Convention.
    • G3KMA, 4 Apr 2014
    • Latest News on the IOTA Convention
    • We are delighted to report that Martin Lynch of ML&S will be principal sponsor of the IOTA 50th Anniversary Convention to be held at the Beaumont, Windsor from 4 to 6 July. The event starts on Friday afternoon with a welcome of guests followed by a celebration dinner. The focus of the evening will be on the significant part of the programme’s success contributed by the worldwide IOTA community and given the attendance of a number of leading US expeditioners the 4th July date may have a distinctly American feel at times. The Saturday will be taken up with a full programme of IOTA talks by speakers well-known to participants. Cezar Trifu, VE3LYC will give the inside story on the recent two year IOTA Marathon, both as a participant and as chair of the adjudication team. Roger Balister, G3KMA will reminisce with an historical review on the progress of IOTA over the past 50 years. Presentations will also be given on the annual IOTA Contest by a Contests Committee representative, on the CW5F operation from Timoteo Dominguez by Ghis Penny, ON5NT and on other recent DXpeditions as the programme is finalised. Time will also be set aside for an IOTA Forum. A day partners’ programme will be organised to include a visit to Windsor. Bookings are building fast. If you intend to take advantage of this marvellous opportunity to meet the IOTA community, do not delay but go to and register your booking. A discounted price is available up to 31 March, so act now.
    • G3KMA, 9 Mar 2014
    • Poll Results - DXpedition of the IOTA Marathon
    • DX World have announced the results of their poll for the DXpedition of the IOTA Marathon. The winner was the HP0INT team who activated all six IOTA groups in Panama. LU6W and FO/KH0PR were second and third respectively. Congratulations to all concerned and indeed to all DXpeditioners who participated in the Marathon. When the Marathon results are published, you will see what an amazingly successful event it was. Specially engraved trophies will be awarded to the Top 3 DXpeditions at the RSGB IOTA Conventon in July. Our thanks to Col at for organising the survey. Full results are at
    • G3KMA, 9 Mar 2014
    • Survey - DXpedition of the IOTA Marathon
    • Our thanks to DX World for the following: "The IOTA Marathon took place between 1 January, 2012 and 31 December, 2013. Hundreds of expeditions were carried out during this period of time. In collaboration with RSGB IOTA, DX World wishes to capture the intensity of this effort during the Marathon by inviting readers to vote for their favourite IOTA Marathon DXpedition. Go to DXpeditions to IOTA groups which were larger in scope, and have already been included in DXCC DXpedition of the Year 2012 and 2013 polls have not been included in the list. This doesn’t diminish the dedication and effort of those teams, but rather focuses our project exclusively on the IOTA Programme. Our deepest appreciation to all IOTA activators, who through their dedication and hard work, made the IOTA Marathon such a great event. Thank you! 73, Cezar (VE3LYC), Col (MM0NDX), Christian (EA3NT) and Dragan (K0AP)"
    • G3KMA, 10 Feb 2014
    • [UPDATE] IOTA Marathon Submissions
    • Chasers - A total of 143 individual stations and 2 club stations have submitted logs, which have been checked and scored. - Another 35 stations have registered on the specialized website for uploading logs in ADIF format. - As we enter the last three weeks before deadline, we would like to ask the participants who haven’t yet submitted their logs to do so at their earliest convenience. - Logs can be submitted in ADIF (.adi) format via the specialized website at, as well as in Excel (.xls, .xlsx), or .csv formats by email to - For each QSO with an IOTA station please indicate the respective IOTA reference. - For any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at the address indicated above. Activators - Applications were received from 18 individual stations and 5 teams. - We would like to invite all activators to submit their application for IOTA Marathon awards at - For any further questions, please contact us at the address indicated above. Adjudication Board
    • G3KMA, 9 Feb 2014
    • IOTA's 50th Anniversary Convention 2014
    • Bookings are now being accepted for our Anniversary Convention next July. Go to where you will find the booking module. Discounted prices are given for early booking. There has been a surge of interest, so it is best to book early if you wish to avoid disappointment. A website is under construction at which is expected to be fully operational during February.
    • G3KMA, 21 Jan 2014