Information on AS-191

Group Name: Red Sea Coast Centre (Al Madinah / Makkah Province) group

Claimed by: 19.7% of participants.

Main prefix: HZ

Location: 18.08N - 24.50N / 37.38E - 41.55E


Group Contains:

  • Abu Ash Shu’ur Ash Shamaliyah
  • Abu Rikabah
  • Al Qad Al Kabir
  • Al Qirf
  • Al Umm
  • As Saqqa
  • At Tawilah - Comment: near Almuzaylif
  • At Tawilah - Comment: near Az Zahar
  • Az Zahar
  • Az Zahrah
  • Du Rish
  • Hasr
  • Jabal al Lith
  • Jabal As Sabaya
  • Jabal Dawqah
  • Marma
  • Minzik
  • Muqit
  • Mu’assibah
  • Qad Al Qabur
  • Qitnah
  • Sha’ariyan Al Janubiyah
  • Sha’ariyan Ash Shamaliyah
  • Sibhan
  • Sirimbaqah
  • Thara
  • Umm Al Hamd
  • Umm Al Ma
  • Umm Ali
  • Umm Al’asham
  • Umm Al’ud
  • Umm An Nurah
  • Umm Ar Rak
  • Umm Ash Shurah
  • Umm Rubays
  • Zughayb
Sunset in AS-191 will be in approximately 8.9 hours at 14:36 UTC.

Activations credited for AS-191

The following activations have been accepted for credit three or more times:

  • 7Z7AA

Weather information is not available for AS-191

DX Spots for AS-191

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