Information on AS-190

Group Name: Red Sea Coast North (Tabuk Province) group

Claimed by: 18.7% of participants.

Main prefix: HZ

Location: 24.50N - 29.37N / 34.42E - 37.43E


Group Contains:

  • Abu Khalid
  • Abu Lahiq
  • Abu Shushah
  • Ad Diyar Al Gharbiyah
  • Al Aqir
  • Al Dhahrah
  • Al Farshah
  • Al Waqqadi
  • Al ‘Ishsh Al Gharbi
  • Al ‘Ishsh Ash Sharqi
  • An Nu'man
  • As Samdaniyat Al Gharbiyah
  • As Samdaniyat Ash Shariyah
  • Ash Shaikh Marbat
  • Ayqat Rizq
  • Birrim
  • Burqan
  • Ghawwar
  • Harr
  • Jabal Hassan
  • Libnah
  • Mizab
  • Mi’rid
  • Qumma’an
  • Safa’ih
  • Sanafir
  • Shaybarah
  • Shurayrah
  • Tiran
  • Umm Qurnus
  • Umm Qusur
  • Umm Rumah
  • Umm Sahar
  • Ummahat Shaykh Al Gharbiyah
  • Ummahat Shaykh Al Wusta
  • Ummahat Shaykh Ash Sharqiyah
  • Yuba
Sunset in AS-190 will be in approximately 9.1 hours at 14:40 UTC.

Activations credited for AS-190

The following activations have been accepted for credit three or more times:

  • 7Z7AB

Weather information is not available for AS-190

DX Spots for AS-190

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