Information on AS-133

Group Name: Cambodia group

Claimed by: 34.4% of participants.

Main prefix: XU

Location: 9.87N - 11.58N / 102.83E - 104.45E


Group Contains:

  • Chraloh
  • Khteah
  • Koang Kang [ AKA Tas ]
  • Kon
  • Kong
  • Mano
  • Poah [ AKA Pos ]
  • Poulo Wai
  • Praeus
  • Prins
  • Rong
  • Rong Samloem
  • Russei
  • Ses
  • Sramaoch
  • Ta Kiev
  • Tang
  • Thmei

Many Cambodian island names start with 'Koh' meaning 'Island'; e.g. Koh Poah

Sunset in AS-133 will be in approximately 5.3 hours at 10:36 UTC.

Activations credited for AS-133

The following activations have been accepted for credit three or more times:

  • XU7AAT
  • XU7ABR
  • XU7ABW
  • XU7ACA
  • XU7ACV
  • XU7AEZ
  • XU7AKC
  • XU7AMD
  • XU7AUR
  • XU7KOH
  • XU7POS
  • XU7TAS
  • XUX0

Weather information is not available for AS-133

DX Spots for AS-133

A list of all known DX Cluster Spots for AS-133 in the last year is available. Note that this link might take some time to load if it is a popular reference number. You could also try an advanced search for DX spots to yield fewer results.

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