Information on AS-037

Group Name: Koshikijima Islands

Claimed by: 35.6% of participants.

Main prefix: JA6

Location: 31.53N - 31.97N / 129.58E - 130.03E


Group Contains:

  • Chika
  • Futago
  • Kami Koshiki
  • Koshikijima Islands
  • Naka Koshiki
  • No
  • Okino
  • Shimo Koshiki
Sunset in AS-037 was approximately 1.5 hours ago at 08:14 UTC.

Activations credited for AS-037

The following activations have been accepted for credit three or more times:

  • JA6IEF/6
  • JA6JPS/6
  • JA6LCJ/6
  • JA6TBE/6
  • JA7GAX/6
  • JA8COE/6
  • JE2QIZ/6
  • JF6CMD
  • JF6WTY/6
  • JH6HXH
  • JH6KZM
  • JI3DST/6
  • JI5RPT/6
  • JI6KVR/6
  • JJ6STZ
  • JJ8DEN/6
  • JM1PXG/6
  • JM6CIP/6
  • JM6NWR/6
  • JN3FPV/6
  • JS3OMH/6

Weather information is not available for AS-037

DX Spots for AS-037

A list of all known DX Cluster Spots for AS-037 in the last year is available. Note that this link might take some time to load if it is a popular reference number. You could also try an advanced search for DX spots to yield fewer results.

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