Information on AF-068

Group Name: Western Sahara South group

Claimed by: 22.1% of participants.

Main prefix: CN, S0

Location: 20.88N - 25.00N / 14.83W - 17.25W


Group Contains:

  • Herne
  • Virginia

As sovereignty over this coastline, including Herne and Virginia, is disputed between Western Sahara and Morocco, no credit will be given for operations after 31 January 2001 unless evidence is produced that the operation was authorised by the government with de facto control - copies of the licence and permission to operate from the island are required. Credit will continue to be allowed for operations that took place before 1 February 2001. Nothing in the way that the island is listed should be taken to indicate the IOTA Committee's view as to the legal position on sovereignty.

Sunset in AF-068 was approximately 4 hours ago at 18:15 UTC.

Activations credited for AF-068

The following activations have been accepted for credit three or more times:

  • 5C2B
  • 5C2J
  • 5C2P
  • 5C2S
  • CN2GF/P
  • CN8QY/P

Weather information is not available for AF-068

DX Spots for AF-068

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