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Groups currently in the grey line

The following groups are currently within thirty minutes of local sunrise / sunset at their centre point, and so may be experiencing greyline propagation.

The UTC time when you loaded this page was 06:55:36 on Friday, 23 June 2017.

Ref. No.Sunrise (UTC)Sunset (UTC)To/since sunrise/sunset (approx.)
AF-00307:1218:47Sunrise is in 17 minutes.
AF-00507:1020:06Sunrise is in 15 minutes.
AF-08607:0720:09Sunrise is in 12 minutes.
NA-00707:1804:00Sunrise is in 22 minutes.
NA-15606:5602:54Sunrise is in 1 minutes.
NA-19407:0201:26Sunrise is in 7 minutes.
NA-20507:1800:42Sunrise is in 23 minutes.
NA-22907:1801:48Sunrise is in 23 minutes.
OC-00621:4906:44Sunset was 11 minutes ago.
OC-01818:4406:43Sunset was 12 minutes ago.
OC-02818:3707:08Sunset is in 13 minutes.
OC-02918:2206:56Sunset is in 1 minutes.
OC-03118:5406:55Sunset was 0 minutes ago.
OC-04719:3907:10Sunset is in 15 minutes.
OC-05819:4106:38Sunset was 17 minutes ago.
OC-05919:0007:21Sunset is in 25 minutes.
OC-06519:1506:41Sunset was 14 minutes ago.
OC-07220:0807:08Sunset is in 13 minutes.
OC-07919:4206:34Sunset was 21 minutes ago.
OC-10019:1606:40Sunset was 15 minutes ago.
OC-10419:1506:28Sunset was 27 minutes ago.
OC-11019:1806:33Sunset was 22 minutes ago.
OC-12719:4007:02Sunset is in 7 minutes.
OC-13621:3907:00Sunset is in 5 minutes.
OC-13720:3806:59Sunset is in 4 minutes.
OC-14220:3707:09Sunset is in 14 minutes.
OC-14919:4607:20Sunset is in 24 minutes.
OC-15819:3607:07Sunset is in 12 minutes.
OC-16020:3807:22Sunset is in 27 minutes.
OC-16319:1406:36Sunset was 19 minutes ago.
OC-16819:4107:11Sunset is in 16 minutes.
OC-17620:0306:52Sunset was 3 minutes ago.
OC-17919:0906:37Sunset was 18 minutes ago.
OC-19219:3207:16Sunset is in 21 minutes.
OC-19420:4506:53Sunset was 2 minutes ago.
OC-19521:3506:48Sunset was 7 minutes ago.
OC-19621:2606:50Sunset was 5 minutes ago.
OC-21220:5906:51Sunset was 4 minutes ago.
OC-22321:1206:49Sunset was 7 minutes ago.
OC-23321:4606:49Sunset was 6 minutes ago.
OC-25121:5107:13Sunset is in 18 minutes.
OC-26318:1907:13Sunset is in 18 minutes.
OC-26520:2207:04Sunset is in 9 minutes.
OC-28419:3107:18Sunset is in 23 minutes.
OC-28519:2406:58Sunset is in 3 minutes.