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An amateur radio award programme, encouraging radio amateurs to contact the world's islands

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Support the development of the IOTA Programme!

Join Friends of IOTA and support the development of the IOTA Programme!

IOTA Group Level - GBP 500+
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Atoll Level - GBP 10-99
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The time has come to tell you of the launch of the new IOTA website and the software system that in future will run the IOTA Programme. The Big Day will be 14 September. In preparation to moving IOTA to its new website we are disabling user logins on the RSGB IOTA website at 0800 UTC on 12 September 2017. When the new website is online you will be redirected there automatically and you will be able to log in with the same credentials as you use now on the current IOTA website. You can choose your language by selecting one of the flags then. We hope that you enjoy getting to know the new website and all that it has to offer. Our help point is at

Calling Software Developers
Software developers should be aware that the move to the new website may affect any application using data from since this website will shortly be taken offline. Please contact us at if your software uses data from and you want to have access to this kind of data in the future.

Reporting Programme Growth
In July we celebrated the first anniversary of the introduction of crediting QSO matches with logs on Club Log. Introduced on the existing software, it has already been hugely successful in increasing the volume of credits given by 70%, providing evidence that it meets the wishes of a significant part of the IOTA community for this kind of development. Needless to say, it has boosted the financial viability of the programme. Currently some 54% of all credits given so far in 2017 were for QSO matches, a figure that we believe will increase once participants get used to the new software. Paper cards submitted are down 20% suggesting replacement with electronic confirmations which from a very low figure for IOTA Contest matches has spiralled from 4,036 to 32,878 credits. This is just the beginning.

G3KMA, 12 Sep 2017

In preparation to moving IOTA to its new website we have with immediate effect instituted a stop on the submission of all applications to checkpoints from users. We expect to launch the new website in the next two weeks. We regret the inconvenience but that is the earliest that service can resume.

G3KMA, 04 Sep 2017

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Jeff Cantor K1ZN as a director of IOTA Ltd. Jeff is a retired college administrator and professor, living in Senoia, Georgia. He edited the Nifty E-Z Guide to Adventures in DXing (Developing Worldwide Friendships through Radio Communication) in which he made many positive comments about the IOTA Programme. Jeff writes: “In addition to an aligned philosophy about the purpose of the program, I bring significant writing talents to the leadership of the IOTA program. I have written and published a dozen academic books and over four dozen articles and white papers during my academic career.” Jeff indicates a passion for IOTA and will, as Roger says, be a great help to us. Welcome aboard!

G3KMA, 25 Aug 2017

IOTA Ltd’s IT Group has worked tirelessly on the development of the new IOTA administration software and the new IOTA website. One of the significant developments was the implementation of paperless QSLing through QSO matching via Club Log. This part has been available to the IOTA community on the existing IOTA system since July 2016. The process of adding operations that are valid for IOTA has been on-going, resulting in very large number of credits being given.

We are targeting the launch of the new IT system for early September. Software developers should be aware that this may affect any application using data from since this website will be taken offline.

Please contact us at if your software uses data from and you want to have access to this kind of data in the future.

PA3EXX, 23 Jul 2017

Islands On The Air (IOTA) Ltd has just completed a very successful first year and has decided that this needs to be commemorated with a special offer to the IOTA Community. For one year it offers an enhanced opportunity to everyone who has put in the long time commitment and reached the 750 IOTA benchmark to purchase the beautiful 750 Islands Plaque of Excellence at the specially reduced price of GBP 90 (UK recipient), GBP 100 (EU) and GBP 110 (Rest of World). These prices include shipping and apply for purchases of the Plaque made between 1 January and 31 December 2017.

G3KMA, 16 Mar 2017

The 2017 Honour Roll and Annual Listings have been posted on this website at Together the two main listings show growth of 8.4% over the same listings in 2016. 207 record-holders have scores of 1000 or more IOTA groups, an increase of 11.3%, and 552 have scores of at least 750 groups, the number required for the IOTA Plaque, up by 6.4%. Scores at the top continue to close with 35 record-holders breaking through the 1100 mark. Congratulations to joint leaders 9A2AA, I2YDX and I8ACB on 1118 groups out of a possible 1123 and indeed to all who have joined the IOTA family or updated in the last year.

G3KMA, 01 Mar 2017

After a long gap we are now in a position to offer the 1000 Islands Trophy to those who qualify. A delivery of this prestige product which is of the same design as previously is now expected to arrive in the UK on 30 January. It may take a day or so for them to get through customs but they should be at our agent’s later that week where they will be engraved. We are hopeful that they will be on their way to recipients by mid-February. A number of orders have been received and we expect a lot more given the long wait. If you are interested, please submit your request to your checkpoint in the normal way. We prefer that payment be made by PayPal direct to but make sure to add in the comments field "IOTA 1000 Islands Trophy" and your callsign to identify you.

G3KMA, 24 Jan 2017

Congratulations to Rug DJ3XG on his commemorating reaching 1000 Islands in just the way that such events need to be celebrated – see here.

Rug says: "My present for my IOTA friends on the occasion of 1000 islands."

G3KMA, 23 Jan 2017

A final reminder that the last date for mailing applications or updates to checkpoints for inclusion in the 2017 Honour Roll and other performance tables is 31 January 2017. If postmarked after that date, they will be processed in the normal way but the scores will be held over to the following year's listing. It is important that participants who have not updated since the 2012 annual listings and wish to remain listed should make a submission on or before 31 January 2017. Chasers with a pending score of more than 100 IOTAs valid for the basic award who have never submitted an application should consider entering the programme now. The IOTA Board has before it a proposal to withdraw chasers’ access to records that are being used for essentially private benefit without any apparent intention to enter the programme.

G3KMA, 19 Jan 2017

As the year ended the appeal approached the GBP 20,500 mark, still some way short of the target GBP 25,000 needed to bring the new IT project to fruition. As has been said several times, please consider joining our Happy Band of Friends of IOTA. You can make a payment through PayPal to but make sure to add in the comments field "Friends of IOTA" and your callsign to identify you. The end-December update can be found here, and includes the complete list of those who have reached the various levels of support.

G3KMA, 02 Jan 2017

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