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Cookie Information

This website uses a simple plain-text file containing only a unique session ID number and the address of the server to enable you to stay logged-in as you move around the site. This file is completely harmless and contains no personally identifiable information. It will automatically be deleted when you logout of the website or when you close all instances of your browser, whichever is the earlier.

Data Protection

Personal data on this website that has been provided to the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) Island on the Air programme (IOTA), is held under strict conditions and the protection of the UK Data Protection Act 1998. The RSGB holds this data for the specified usage only and does not use the data for any other purpose than that it was supplied for. The RSGB does not sell any of its databases to third parties and does not solicit orders from data held on this site. The RSGB does however reserve the right to send information on future events and offers in the future if it so chooses and you have not already set "No general emails" in your IOTA profile. If you do not wish to receive these mailings or wish to be removed from the system in part or completely please send an e-mail to and your record will be amended to reflect this. You may also amend your privacy preferences online after you have registered and received a password.

Under the terms of the Act the RSGB only retain the data as long as absolutely necessary to complete the agreed usage and comply with any legal obligations. Once the use to which the data is put has been completed all copies the data held in or on any media (including paper) are destroyed. Employees, officers of the RSGB (which includes Chairman of Committees, Sub Committees and Honorary Officers) when acting on behalf of the Society are entitled to make use of the data held by the RSGB. However, access to the data is restricted to those who need it to perform their duties on behalf of the RSGB.

Individuals have the right to be supplied with a copy of all the information held about them (but only them and not other individuals). This material can be obtained by written request (only) sent to the RSGB HQ. A fee for supplying the data is charged and this fee is currently set at £10 although this is subject to change. The fee must accompany the request for data and the RSGB will respond to the request within 40 days.