Islands on the Air - Help - Island Name Search

Help on Island Name searches

So, your search for an island by name didn't work out but this doesn't necessarily mean that the island does not count for IOTA, just that you might have to do a little detective work. Follow the instructions for guidance on what to do next:

  1. Check your search
    • It may seem obvious, but check that you didn't type a reference number into a search field expecting an island name, or vice-versa. It might not work!
    • Check whether you are searching for the island name or a group name. For example, 'Channel Islands' will not work (they cover many IOTA references), but the names of individual islands in the Channel Islands (such as Guernsey, Jersey, etc.) will.
    • Try your search without words for 'island'. For example 'Batz' will work, but 'Ile de Batz' ('Batz Island') might not.
    • Do not add extra information (such as US state abbreviation) to the end of the island name.
  2. Try searching another way
    • This site allows you to search for all island groups in a DXCC entity or continent, for example. Try looking at these listings for the island you are searching for.
  3. Be aware of alternative names
    • Many islands are known by multiple names. The database knows many of them, but if you find the same island marked with different names on different maps, try them both! Note that this is particularly important for disputed territories whether there may be different names in different languages. Email us if you find an alternative name that we are not aware of.
    • Be aware of different transcription systems for island names originally written in non-Roman alphabets (eg. Cyrillic, Arabic), which might mean there are many different ways to spell the same island name. The search facility employs a similarity algorithm, which should mean that problems of this type are rare.
  4. Have we made a mistake?
    • In creating the online database, we were very careful to ensure that all islands listed in the printed IOTA Directory were included. It is remotely possible that we have made a mistake, however. Try to beg or borrow a recent copy of the IOTA Directory and email us if you find an omission.
  5. Does the island qualify?
    • Remember that not all islands qualify for IOTA. In fact, just because an island qualifies for a national award scheme, such as Italian Islands Award or Croatian Islands Award, does not necessarily mean that it qualifies for IOTA because IOTA has a very strict definition of which islands qualify.
    • The broad rules are that:
      • The island must be shown on a map with a scale of at least 1:1,000,000 (Rule E.6.4)
      • The island must be separated from the mainland at all points by a minimum of 200 metres of sea at low tide (Rule E.6.7)
      but there are a number of other rules too, which you should check using good quality maps.
  6. If all of this seems OK... It sounds like you might have found an Additional Qualifying Island. Download and complete the PDF form, and send it to the IOTA Manager, enclosing the required documentation.