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Activation Detail

Activation of St Martin [ AKA Sint Maarten ] (St Martin [ AKA Sint Maarten ], NA-105):
From: 01-Dec-2017 00:00
Until: 09-Dec-2017 01:00
Callsign: FS/W9ILY
Operators: W9ILY
QSL Information: QSL LoTW or OQRS via Buro or Direct.
Submitted by: W9ILY on 23 Jun 2017.

Latest spots for this station from the DX-Cluster

Time:Callsign:Frequency:Comment:Spotted by:
2016-12-09 19:30:00FS/W9ILY14083RTTYPY2YP
2016-12-09 19:29:00FS/W9ILY14083.1UPN3BUO
2016-12-09 19:23:00FS/W9ILY14083RTTYN9VPV
2016-12-09 19:17:00FS/W9ILY14082.9RTTY 599+10 IN EPAW3RMS
2016-12-09 19:16:00FS/W9ILY14083RTTY - LOUDND4X

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