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You searched for ARUBA, interpreted as an island name.

This table shows all close matches, with the most similar to your query first.

Reference Number:Island Name:
SA-036 Aruba
SA-036 Aruba
SA-094 Taraba
EU-016 Ruda
SA-082 Aguja
SA-040 Arena
EU-034 Abruka
EU-080 Arosa
AS-076 Akaba
AS-200 Tsuba
EU-136 Oruda
EU-077 Rua
OC-240 Sariba
NA-072 Uraba
AS-017 Kuba
AS-058 Tuba
AS-117 Abuga
NA-015 Cuba
OC-066 Arutua
OC-207 Arena
OC-178 Anuta
OC-035 Aoba
OC-041 Aua
AS-190 Yuba


The search searches for information as follows:

  1. If the search query looks like an IOTA reference, (eg 'EU-005', 'as4', etc.), it will display information about that group.
  2. If the query looks like a callsign, that callsign will be searched in the activations, DX spots and credited QSOs databases.
  3. If the query is anything else, it will be searched in the island name and island group name tables.
  4. This search will not search any other content on the website.

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