Islands on the Air - IOTA Directory - Most Wanted

Most Wanted

This list shows the Island Groups that have been claimed by less than 15 percent of IOTA participants. Special rules apply to activations from these groups.

Reference numberGroup NameMain prefix% Claimed
AF-041 Egmont Group VQ90.9
AF-052 Indian Ocean Coast South Group T56.9
AF-058 Salomon Group VQ94.8
AF-062 Suakin Archipelago ST6.7
AF-076 Bayelsa / Rivers / Akwa Ibom etc States Group 5N6.3
AF-077 Western Cape Province South Group ZS11.8
AF-079 Eastern Cape Province Group ZS13.3
AF-081 Red Sea Coast South Group E313.7
AF-082 Rio Muni Province Group 3C14.7
AF-095 Cameroon Group TJ10.4
AF-100 Bas-Congo Province Group 9Q11.7
AF-101 Red Sea Coast North Group SU5.4
AF-102 Erongo / Hardap Region Group V50.0
AF-105 Nyanga Province Group TR0.0
AF-106 Cote d'Ivoire Group TU0.0
AF-107 Cuanza Sul / Benguela Province Group D20.0
AF-108 Namibe Province Group D20.0
AF-109 Nile Delta and Sinai Region Group SU11.9
AF-110 Red Sea Coast South Group SU0.0
AF-111 Liberia Group EL0.0
AF-112 Mediterranean Sea Coast Centre Group 5A0.0
AF-113 Mediterranean Sea Coast East Group 5A0.0
AF-114 Halaib Triangle Group ST0.0
AF-115 Red Sea State Group ST0.0
AF-116 Gulf of Aden West Group T50.0
AF-117 Gulf of Aden East Group T50.0
AF-118 Mediterranean Sea Coast Group CN0.0
AF-119 Coetivy Island S70.0