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Information on EU-041

Group Name: Maddalena Archipelago

Claimed by: 58.3% of participants.

Main prefix: I*0

Location: 41.15N - 41.32N / 9.30E - 9.53E


Group Contains:

  • Aglio
  • Barrettini
  • Bisce
  • Budelli
  • Cappucini
  • Caprera
  • Carpa
  • Corcelli
  • I Monaci
  • La Presa
  • Maddalena
  • Pecora
  • Piana
  • Porco
  • Razzoli
  • Santa Maria
  • Santo Stefano
  • Spargi
  • Spargiotto

A full listing of Italian IOTA counters is provided in the Italian Islands Award (IIA) list available from the 425 DX News website at

Sunset in EU-041 will be in approximately 0.7 hours at 16:46 UTC.

Activations credited for EU-041

More than thirty different callsigns have been credited for this island group.
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Weather information is not available for EU-041

DX Spots for EU-041

A list of all known DX Cluster Spots for EU-041 in the last year is available. Note that this link might take some time to load if it is a popular reference number. You could also try an advanced search for DX spots to yield fewer results.

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