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Today's activations

The following activations have been notified to us, or to services such as 425 DX News, as being expected to be active now. For more details, click on the activation's callsign, or click on a reference number for more information about the island group.

Ref. No.Callsign:FromTo
AS-0199V1RM 1 Nov 2011 1 Nov 2014
AS-042 RV3EFH/0 25 Mar 2013 1 Oct 2014
AS-101HS0ZLU 16 Mar 2014 1 May 2014
AS-105HL1VAU/2 15 Feb 201328 Feb 2020
AS-143B7CRA 15 Apr 201415 May 2014
AS-145E20HHK/P 18 Apr 201420 Apr 2014
NA-025J88PI 13 Apr 201422 Apr 2014
NA-085K5TEN 13 Apr 201419 Apr 2014
NA-085K5TEN 13 Apr 201419 Apr 2014
NA-143K5KUA/5 17 Apr 201420 Apr 2014
OC-077KH8/DL2AWG 9 Apr 201420 Apr 2014
OC-077KH8/DL6JGN 9 Apr 201420 Apr 2014
OC-077KH8/PA3EWP 9 Apr 201420 Apr 2014
OC-177YF1AR/0 18 Apr 201420 Apr 2014


The key event at IOTA’s 50th Anniversary Convention, to be held from 4 to 6 July, will be the announcement of 10 new IOTA groups, the first new tranche to be added since year 2000. Two of these 10 will be left for final decision at the Convention on the basis of evidence-supported representations made in person by delegates. All additions to the list will conform with IOTA rules amended in a minor way in the new IOTA Directory to be published in early May. It is envisaged that much of the discussion between DXpeditioners attending the Convention will be on their plans to activate these new groups and achieve that NEW ONE badge. Join this exciting occasion by enrolling for the Convention on where the special discount price for attendance has been extended to 30 April. Decisions taken will be notified on the RSGB IOTA website after the Convention.

G3KMA, 04 Apr 2014

We are delighted to report that Martin Lynch of ML&S will be principal sponsor of the IOTA 50th Anniversary Convention to be held at the Beaumont, Windsor from 4 to 6 July. The event starts on Friday afternoon with a welcome of guests followed by a celebration dinner. The focus of the evening will be on the significant part of the programme’s success contributed by the worldwide IOTA community and given the attendance of a number of leading US expeditioners the 4th July date may have a distinctly American feel at times. The Saturday will be taken up with a full programme of IOTA talks by speakers well-known to participants. Cezar Trifu, VE3LYC will give the inside story on the recent two year IOTA Marathon, both as a participant and as chair of the adjudication team. Roger Balister, G3KMA will reminisce with an historical review on the progress of IOTA over the past 50 years. Presentations will also be given on the annual IOTA Contest by a Contests Committee representative, on the CW5F operation from Timoteo Dominguez by Ghis Penny, ON5NT and on other recent DXpeditions as the programme is finalised. Time will also be set aside for an IOTA Forum. A day partners’ programme will be organised to include a visit to Windsor. Bookings are building fast. If you intend to take advantage of this marvellous opportunity to meet the IOTA community, do not delay but go to and register your booking. A discounted price is available up to 31 March, so act now.

G3KMA, 09 Mar 2014

DX World have announced the results of their poll for the DXpedition of the IOTA Marathon. The winner was the HP0INT team who activated all six IOTA groups in Panama. LU6W and FO/KH0PR were second and third respectively. Congratulations to all concerned and indeed to all DXpeditioners who participated in the Marathon. When the Marathon results are published, you will see what an amazingly successful event it was. Specially engraved trophies will be awarded to the Top 3 DXpeditions at the RSGB IOTA Conventon in July. Our thanks to Col at for organising the survey. Full results are at

G3KMA, 09 Mar 2014

Our thanks to DX World for the following: "The IOTA Marathon took place between 1 January, 2012 and 31 December, 2013. Hundreds of expeditions were carried out during this period of time. In collaboration with RSGB IOTA, DX World wishes to capture the intensity of this effort during the Marathon by inviting readers to vote for their favourite IOTA Marathon DXpedition. Go to DXpeditions to IOTA groups which were larger in scope, and have already been included in DXCC DXpedition of the Year 2012 and 2013 polls have not been included in the list. This doesn’t diminish the dedication and effort of those teams, but rather focuses our project exclusively on the IOTA Programme. Our deepest appreciation to all IOTA activators, who through their dedication and hard work, made the IOTA Marathon such a great event. Thank you! 73, Cezar (VE3LYC), Col (MM0NDX), Christian (EA3NT) and Dragan (K0AP)"

G3KMA, 10 Feb 2014

Chasers - A total of 143 individual stations and 2 club stations have submitted logs, which have been checked and scored. - Another 35 stations have registered on the specialized website for uploading logs in ADIF format. - As we enter the last three weeks before deadline, we would like to ask the participants who haven’t yet submitted their logs to do so at their earliest convenience. - Logs can be submitted in ADIF (.adi) format via the specialized website at, as well as in Excel (.xls, .xlsx), or .csv formats by email to - For each QSO with an IOTA station please indicate the respective IOTA reference. - For any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at the address indicated above. Activators - Applications were received from 18 individual stations and 5 teams. - We would like to invite all activators to submit their application for IOTA Marathon awards at - For any further questions, please contact us at the address indicated above. Adjudication Board

G3KMA, 09 Feb 2014


Latest IOTA DX Spots

Time:Callsign:Frequency:Comment:Spotted by:IOTA Ref:
0 mins. ago.KP4FD24947CQ,CQ (WARD)WP3EFNA-099
2 mins. ago.KP4FD28085.9SPECIAL CALLLZ2HMNA-099
2 mins. ago.PJ4H24901.9 DJ1MDSA-006
3 mins. ago.ZF2DX21267.2 YY1YLYNA-016
3 mins. ago.ZF2DX21267.2NICE QSOK8AECNA-016
4 mins. ago.ZF2DX21267.1CQ CQYY5ARMNA-016
5 mins. ago.KP2BH50110.7 NP3IRNA-106
6 mins. ago.SV5BYP28120PSK63PU2KNMEU-001
6 mins. ago.A91WARD1422073 & HAPPY DAY EVERYBODYEB3FLYAS-002
6 mins. ago.KP4FD28085.8RTTYN2ESPNA-099

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