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An amateur radio award programme, encouraging radio amateurs to contact the world's islands

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Today's activations

The following activations have been notified to us, or to services such as 425 DX News, as being expected to be active now. For more details, click on the activation's callsign, or click on a reference number for more information about the island group.

Ref. No.Callsign:FromTo
AS-200JI3DST/5 22 Nov 201425 Nov 2014
AS-200JS6RRR/5 22 Nov 201425 Nov 2014
NA-122HI2DX 19 Nov 201423 Nov 2014
NA-135XE3AGM 1 Nov 201430 Nov 2014
OC-151YB9/DL7UVO 17 Nov 201427 Nov 2014
OC-151YB9/DL3KZA 17 Nov 201427 Nov 2014
OC-210YC8ROP 19 Nov 201423 Nov 2014
SA-024PW2BA 21 Nov 201424 Nov 2014


With reference to the website notice of 27 September 2014 (see, the IT Team to take IOTA project development forward has now been appointed. It consists of Johan PA3EXX (Team Leader), Jim G3VDB, Vincent F4BKV, Bob MD0CCE on the technical side with Cezar VE3LYC and Roger G3KMA representing the users. As mentioned, the main focus will be on the development of online island credit submission (Paperless QSLing) as a new feature of the programme. The team have already started work with the aim of submitting the initial Project Proposal by the Spring.

G3KMA, 22 Nov 2014

IOTA Management has received a number of complaints that QSL card requests sent to Kadek, YB9BU in accordance with his QSLing instructions on have not received a reply and similarly that email enquiries are not being answered. Emails from the IOTA Manager and mutual friends have also gone unanswered. In the circumstances it can only be assumed that there is an interruption in the QSL manager service for all the many operations for which YB9BU acts as QSL manager and people would be well advised not to send further cards. We would also advise YB island operators for whom YB9BU acts or normally acts as manager to make other arrangements to ensure satisfactory QSLing. Acceptance by IOTA Management of further IOTA operations by YB9BU must be regarded as on hold until and unless the matter is resolved.

G3KMA, 11 Nov 2014

IOTA Management has decided that, given the unresolved political situation in Crimea, it has no course open to it except, for a period initially of one year, to freeze certain actions connected with Crimea that it would normally take in the routine management of the IOTA programme. This means that it will not accept or issue credit for EU-180 operations taking place after 17 March 2014 that use a non-Ukrainian callsign, or accede to any requests from programme participants for update of their records or changes of callsign and/or checkpoint that involve a change of DXCC entity. The Committee will review the situation after one year in the light of developments. IOTA Management regrets taking this action but it accords with practice adopted elsewhere.

G3KMA, 21 Oct 2014

Following the receipt of validation material several new IOTA group numbers have been confirmed with the result that credits can be given for the operations in brackets: AS-200 (several JA5 stations), AS-201 (TA0/DF8DX), EU-191 (YP0F), NA-247 (PJ7PK) and OC-294 (VK6ISL) . Most made well over the required 1,000 QSOs for a first-time operation. The pile-ups had to be heard to be believed.

G3KMA, 20 Oct 2014

Berkner Island, the sole qualifying island of AN-014, has been on the IOTA list since the very start of the IOTA Programme. It was regularly shown on maps as a large island, albeit covered with a layer of very thick ice, separating the Ronne Ice Shelf from the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf. Some contacts were made by LU1ZX from the old General Belgrano III Base on the island more than 30 years ago – no more than a handful are credited on the IOTA database. The remote possibility of a second operation that might be mounted at huge expense has caused IOTA Management to review the retention of Berkner Island on the list. In recent years there have been authentic reports from the scientific community that Berkner Island is an ice-rise and that no part of the land-mass under it would be above water if there were no ice. This seems to have gathered credence with map-makers as the considered view of the scientific community. Faced with information that confirms that the ice-rise does not meet IOTA’s qualification rules as a valid island IOTA Management have taken the decision to withdraw AN-014 from the IOTA list with immediate effect before any further operation takes place. The few existing credits will be withdrawn no later than 1 January 2015.

G3KMA, 20 Oct 2014


Latest IOTA DX Spots

Time:Callsign:Frequency:Comment:Spotted by:IOTA Ref:
7 mins. ago.KP4JRS24923.9RTTYPY2YPNA-099
8 mins. ago.ZD8JR18071.1TNX NEW BAND UP 1.0DL9IUAF-003
10 mins. ago.LU4XPE28333CQ CQ DX SA-008CE3SBQSA-008
12 mins. ago.KP4JRS24923.9RTTYW9IINA-099
17 mins. ago.EA6UN14033.4OUR 60TH QSO SINCE 2003!VE1DXEU-004
17 mins. ago.KP4JRS24923.9RTTYAJ4FNA-099
22 mins. ago.ZD8JR18071.4HEARD IN MDW3LPLAF-003
23 mins. ago.KP4AW21315PR SIMPLEX ARRLW7BQNA-099
23 mins. ago.MU0FAL21038.9HEARD IN NHW3LPLEU-114

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IOTA Directory

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IOTA Directory

The new edition of the IOTA Directory is on sale at the RSGB Shop.

IOTA Directory

The new edition of the IOTA Directory is on sale at the RSGB Shop.

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