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An amateur radio award programme, encouraging radio amateurs to contact the world's islands

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Today's activations

The following activations have been notified to us, or to services such as 425 DX News, as being expected to be active now. For more details, click on the activation's callsign, or click on a reference number for more information about the island group.

Ref. No.Callsign:FromTo
EU-042DO3VM 20 Aug 2015 1 Sep 2015
EU-1369A8CV 23 Jul 2015 1 Sep 2015


This year’s IOTA Contest takes place from 12:00 UTC Saturday 25th July to 12:00 UTC Sunday 26th July 2015. This is the opportunity to work many new IOTA groups – several hundred are normally active. A full list of scheduled operations is given on NG3K's web page at . Contest rules are at . If you are thinking of activating an IOTA, why not take some 6m equipment with you? Either side of the contest you may be surprised at what you can work, particularly if Sp-E propagation is favourable. Increasing numbers of chasers are looking for IOTA contacts on 6m for the VHF award.

G3KMA, 15 Jul 2015

RSGB IOTA Management is pleased to announce the appointment with effect from 9 May 2015 of two new checkpoints to cover the central East European countries previously covered by Alex HA7UW (SK). George Szabadkay, HA5WA has agreed to take on checkpoint duties for Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia. His email is Augustyn Wawrzynek, SP6BOW has agreed to accept a similar task for Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. His email is Their mailing addresses are OK in We welcome George and Augustyn to the team and look forward to an increase in IOTA awareness in their areas. IOTA Participants in these countries, please note your new checkpoint.

G3KMA, 09 May 2015

At a time when we have just published the IOTA Honour Roll and Annual Listings it is appropriate to remind IOTA DXpeditioners that the Programme owes a lot to SWLs – Geoff Watts was after all an SWL – and that replying to SWL cards should be treated as a standard requirement after an operation. To progress in IOTA SWLs need your cards as well; please do not forget to reply to them.

G3KMA, 03 Apr 2015

The 2015 Honour Roll and Annual Listings have been posted on this website at and also on the IOTA Manager's website at It is noticeable how scores are now beginning to bunch, closing in on the top position at 1110 groups. 168 record-holders have scores over 1000 and 484 over 750 which is the number required for the IOTA Plaque. Congratulations to all who have joined the IOTA family or updated in the last year.

G3KMA, 25 Mar 2015

Official registration for the 20th Anniversary IOTA Dinner at Visalia has started. Those of you wishing to attend need to fill out a short registration form and then make payment either by PayPal or via snail mail. PayPal is preferred. The deadline for registration and payment is 31 March 2015. The website URL is:

G3KMA, 19 Mar 2015


Latest IOTA DX Spots

Time:Callsign:Frequency:Comment:Spotted by:IOTA Ref:
5 mins. ago.3B8IK21076TU QSO JT65 IANPY2VMAF-049
8 mins. ago.PY0F/PP1CZ21008.5SIMPLEXIV3OKOSA-003
9 mins. ago.PY0F/PP1CZ21008.5 KK9ISA-003
20 mins. ago.PY0F/PP1CZ21008.5HEARD IN NHW3LPLSA-003
25 mins. ago.RI1PV14005UP 1 EU-085RA9YNEU-085
31 mins. ago.RI1PV14005IOTA EU-085RW5CEU-085

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IOTA Directory

The new edition of the IOTA Directory is on sale at the RSGB Shop.

IOTA Directory

The new edition of the IOTA Directory is on sale at the RSGB Shop.

IOTA Directory

The new edition of the IOTA Directory is on sale at the RSGB Shop.

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